Helen and Steph’s Successful Trip to The Baby Expo Dubai

Helen and Steph’s Successful Trip to The Baby Expo Dubai

The founders of FOLDiMATS, Helen and Steph, recently made a significant leap by showcasing their range of foldable playmats at the Baby Expo in Dubai. This baby event, held in May 2024, attracted over 10,000 attendees, including expectant parents, affluent early-years parents, industry experts, and key buyers from around the globe. The expo provided a perfect platform for FOLDiMATS to introduce their premium playmats to a new and diverse audience. 


Expanding Horizons 


As seen in earlier blogs, Helen and Steph have always been ambitious about taking their brand international. The bustling city of Dubai seemed like the ideal starting point. Helen described The Baby Expo Dubai as a highly professional event, comparable to prestigious expos in London. The expo had a balanced mix of consumers and buyers, providing an excellent opportunity to gain interest from both retailers and distributors. Despite having no specific expectations, FOLDiMATS received significant interest from the international market. Many attendees had hard flooring in their homes and a high disposable income, indicating a strong potential market. The response to FOLDiMATS was overwhelmingly positive, reinforcing the founders' belief in the universal appeal of their product. 


Highlights of the Expo 


  1. Brand Awareness: The expo significantly boosted FOLDiMATS' visibility in the Middle East. Visitors to the booth were impressed by the quality, versatility, and aesthetic appeal of the playmats.


  1. Networking Opportunities: Helen and Steph engaged with key industry decision-makers from the Middle East, Asia, and Europe. These interactions opened doors for potential partnerships and distribution deals. Helen shared, "We were able to connect with key industry decision-makers from different regions, which has opened doors for potential partnerships and distribution deals."


  1. Positive Feedback: The founders received invaluable feedback from parents and industry experts, many of whom expressed excitement about the prospect of FOLDiMATS becoming available in the Middle Eastern market. Helen noted that attendees in Dubai responded positively to FOLDiMATS, similar to the response in the UK. "Once they felt the quality and saw demonstrations like the egg drop challenge, they were impressed, especially given the prevalence of hard and marble floors in their homes," she said. Specific feedback highlighted how essential the mats are, transforming from a desirable product to a necessity.


  1. Future Products: The expo was also an excellent venue for discussing upcoming products and innovations, generating buzz and anticipation for new releases from FOLDiMATS. 

The FOLDiMATS Difference 


FOLDiMATS stand out in the market for their unique blend of convenience, safety, and style. Helen and Steph have designed these playmats with the needs of modern families in mind: 


- Portability: Easy to fold and carry, making them ideal for travel and on-the-go use. 

- Safety: Crafted from non-toxic memory foam, ensuring a safe play environment for children. 

- Durability: Built to last, providing long-term value for families. 

- Versatility: Suitable for various activities, including indoor play, fitness routines, crafting, reading, and outdoor adventures.

Vision for the Future 


As Helen and Steph look ahead, they are focused on taking FOLDiMATS global while preserving their signature quality and customer-centric approach. Their vision includes expanding their reach but keeping the heart and soul of a small business intact. 


FOLDiMATS is more than a product; it's the fusion of two mums' vision to create a foldable playmat that addresses real family needs. From recognising a market need to creating a beloved product, Helen and Steph's journey is a testament to their dedication and keen understanding of family dynamics. 


Looking Ahead 


The success at The Baby Expo Dubai has reinforced Helen and Steph's plans to expand FOLDiMATS into the Middle Eastern market. The enthusiastic reception and strong interest from attendees have been incredibly encouraging. Moving forward, they are excited about the possibilities and are dedicated to bringing their premium playmats to families across the region. Helen reflected on the overall atmosphere and feedback from the expo, saying, "The expo had a lively atmosphere with live acts and many children interacting with the FOLDiMATS. The mats provided a safe and enjoyable play space, attracting attention from both kids and parents." 


Helen noted that most attendees were retailers, and they are now focusing on finding a distributor. Post-expo, the team celebrated with a five-day holiday. "We celebrated with a five-day holiday, enjoying a meal overlooking the palm and exploring beach clubs," Helen shared. 



The Baby Expo Dubai provided FOLDiMATS with invaluable exposure and opportunities to connect with potential distributors and consumers. The positive feedback and interest reaffirmed the product's appeal and necessity in households with hard flooring, positioning FOLDiMATS for further international expansion. 

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