Is the FOLDiMAT waterproof?

Yes of course, it is made from a non toxic PVC which is waterproof and best of all wipeable.

wipeable waterproof play mat

How do I fold the mat up?

The mats have been designed to make folding them a doddle! The mats have been embossed to create folding lines. You simply fold in half, fold in half again, then fold one half over and one half under. It sounds tricky but please click below for our easy guide. 

foldable baby play mat

How do I clean my mat?

Cleaning our mats is easy peasy! simply sweep and then wipe down with soapy water using circular motions - this will keep your mat looking perfect! 

Although our mats are super durable they are not 100% stain proof. We would advise you to keep any pens, dark fruits, nail varnish and tomato based food away. Of course as parents ourselves we know these things can happen so for stubborn marks we recommend bicarbonate soda paste (3 parts soda and 1 part water) and a little white wine vinegar to give the extra boost! Leave for a few hours and that should do the trick.

Is the playmat safe for my baby?

Yes definitely! Our mats have been made with a non toxic PVC, which have been tested to the highest standards. EN71 part 1,2 and 3. No Phthalates. No heavy metals like Cadmium, lead etc. Please email us on info@mapleandwild.co.uk for the full report.

supportive play mat
Can I put furniture on top of the playmat?

We do not recommend placing any furniture on our mats as weighty items could cause long lasting indentations. Lighter furniture left on the mats for a short time should only cause temporary dents and will recover. 

Can I take it outside?

Yes but please keep away from sharp, uneven surfaces. We also do not recommend leaving your playmat outside for long periods.

Is the FOLDiMAT pet friendly?

We know how hard it is to stop pets from doing anything but please do try to keep little furry friends away. Especially if they have sharp claws and teeth. 

When I unfold my playmat for the first time it doesn't lie flat on the floor.

This is perfectly normal! The mats have been folded for a while in this packaging so it needs time to mould to your floor. Just leave your mat out over night and by the morning it will be as flat as a pancake!

Can I use my FOLDiMAT for anything else?

Yes definitely! Our mats can be used for grown ups too! Pilates, yoga, exercise, trips away, gardens the options really are endless. 

exercise mat play baby

Is my foldimat portable?

The best thing about our mats is that they are very portable! They fold up to an eighth of its size and they all come with a portable storage bag with handle for easy transportation.

What makes FOLDiMATS different from the rest? 

The clue is in the name! Our FOLDiMATS are a high quality luxury foldable playmat, and not forgetting incredibly stylish.

What floor types is the mat suitable on?

Our mats are best suited to hard floors, wooden, vinyl, tiles. They can be used on carpet but they will move slightly (similar to rugs) especially if the carpet is a long pile.

What is the average delivery time?
We aim to get your order delivered in 5 working days, this can vary.