The benefits of using a FOLDiMAT and why every parent should consider them.

The benefits of using a FOLDiMAT and why every parent should consider them.

Benefits of Using FOLDiMATS

FOLDiMATS are an absolute staple and game changer in many homes with young children and babies, these soft and squishy mats, provide a safe and comfortable place for babies and toddlers to play, learn, develop and grow in a safe space. But it gets better…. our mats can be safely folded and put away or taken with you for safety on the go!!

Not only do they help protect your child from hard floors (did we mention they are so protective you can drop an egg and it will bounce, that’s how cushiony and supportive FOLDiMATS are!!)
FOLDiMATS offer numerous benefits that every parent should consider. In this blog, we'll explore the reasons why every parent should consider using a FOLDiMAT for their children.
foldable play matfoldable play mat

Safe and Comfortable Space.

First and foremost, FOLDiMATS provide a safe and comfortable space for your child to play, learn and explore. They open up to an impressive size of 130x190cm of pure memory foam, cloud feeling squish. This provides a fantastic cushion which helps to reduce the risk of any hard bumps or falls, especially for younger children who are just learning to crawl and walk. They also have absolutely no nasties! Made with a non toxic PVC our mats are tested to the highest EN71 standards.

newborn play matbaby play mat

Encourages Play.

FOLDiMATS provide a space for children to engage imaginative play and explore their creativity. Our FOLDiMATS come with fun designs and distinctive contrasting patterns that can stimulate your child's imagination and encourage them to play, learn to roll and crawl in new and exciting ways. Our mats are fantastic for the whole family to enjoy too. so whether it’s pretend ice cream shop, or maybe even play DRs - the space is fab for everyone. FOLDiMATS are not just supportive they look fantastic in the home too, the colours were chosen especially to compliment your home!

baby play matplay mat

Supports Physical and Cognitive Development. 

FOLDiMATS can help with your child's physical and cognitive development. By providing a supportive, protective and safe surface for your child to play on, FOLDiMATS can encourage them to crawl, roll, first steps- to dancing and backflips! This helps to strengthen their muscles and improve their motor skills. Additionally, playing on a FOLDiMATS can also help improve your child's cognitive skills, as they learn to explore their surroundings and interact with toys.

baby play matbaby play mat

Portable and Easy to Clean

FOLDiMATS are portable and really really easy to clean. Unlike traditional playmats, FOLDiMATS are completely waterproof- so whether it’s messy play, weaning, lunches, toilet training- the list is endless- all it needs is a quick wipe down - with a damp cloth…FOLDiMAT is really so so hygienic!

Even better- it can be easily folded up and taken on the go. This makes them such a convenient option for parents who we know are busy… and that also need to take their children to all different types of places such as grandparents, friends, weekends away, playdates, parks or maybe even camping and beyond.

play matplay mat

Creates a Strong Parent and Child Bond.

Another benefit of using FOLDiMATS is that the fact they are so so comfy- it will
sitting on the floor enjoyable- which will then create such a fun and comfy playtime to play with your child. By playing and interacting with your child on the FOLDiMAT, This can be a great opportunity for you to spend quality time with your child, while also promoting their development. Whether you're reading
a book together, play with toys, messy play, food time, or simply cuddling, the FOLDiMAT provides a comfortable and safe space for you to connect and build a special bond with your child.

play matplay mat

Versatile for Different Activities.

Finally, FOLDiMATS are versatile and can be used for a variety of different activities. For example, FOLDiMATS can be used for tummy time, allowing your child to strengthen their neck and upper body muscles. Crawling, sitting up- as it provides cushion for those early days tumbles- FOLDiMATS can also be used as a place for your child to nap or relax, providing a comfortable and cosy space for them to rest.

It is an absolute Must-Have for every home.

FOLDiMATS are a versatile and essential tool for any parent! Lots of parents have called it ‘THE BEST BABY PRODUCT THEY HAVE BROUGHT’ with numerous benefits, from promoting physical and cognitive development to creating those special bonds during playing between parents and children. FOLDiMATS really are a must-have for every home. So if you're looking for a safe, supportive and comfortable space for your child to play, learn, and grow, that also looks so so stylish and that you can pack away when needed and also take with you…. consider a FOLDiMAT today!

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