Travelling with a FoldiMat Baby Playmat

Travelling with a FoldiMat Baby Playmat


Hello! It’s David here again from FoldiMats. For those new to this blog, Helen and Steph, the founders behind FoldiMat, employed me—a dad of two (now 3 and 6—Michael and Victoria)—to help spread an honest and candid message about the FOLDiMAT foldable play mat. 


So here we go… 


As we know, summer holidays are fast approaching, and to get us in the mood, I took my family away for a long weekend this half-term to Aldeburgh in Suffolk. 


This year, we decided to take the FOLDiMAT foldable play mat with us, and it made many times with the kids more pleasurable. Firstly, if you know Aldeburgh, it's a pebbly beach. However, with the soft memory foam mat, we could all (that’s two adults and two kids) very comfortably, to the envy of passersby, chill out on the beach all afternoon and soak up some “English” sun. Joking aside, it was well worth it. 

After the beach, we took the foldable mat to a nearby park where we had a picnic. Again, it created a comfortable place for us to sit and enjoy our snacks. Plus, you could relax knowing the kids were rolling around and playing. We even did some gymnastics on the mat afterward, with Victoria showing us her roly-polies and cartwheels. 


We travelled by car, so the foldable mat was super easy to take with us. We simply brushed off the grass from the park, folded it, and placed it in the boot of the car. It was super convenient and worthwhile bringing along. 

We’re off to Portugal this summer and discussed taking the FOLDiMAT play mat with us. It can easily fit inside our suitcases, and at a weight of 7.73 kg, it will be fine when registering a larger bag with the airline. I honestly think it’ll come into its own in Portugal since we plan to also take a beach tent. We’ll then add the play mat inside, providing a super comfy and safe place for the kids if the sun gets too strong or they want to have a little nap. Also, its waterproof design will be perfect for the kids to sit on once they come out of the sea. Plus, who wouldn't want to sunbathe on a cloud? 

The FOLDiMAT foldable play mat has truly become an essential part of our family outings. From the park to the beach and beyond, it adds a layer of comfort and convenience that we didn’t know we needed. If you’re planning a trip, I highly recommend bringing a FOLDiMAT along—you might just become the most popular family on the beach! 

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